Oki-Ni asked Andrew and I to create a set of images to showcase the new collections, featuring trainers from Adidas, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Lanvin and Maison Martin Margiela. Inspired by the intense colours of the trainers, we paired them with the beautiful incandescent qualities of bubbles.

Set Design: Andrew Stellitano

Retouching: Tapestry

client: Oki Ni

Fendi Heel for Far Fetch.com
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My new website is finally done, hopefully a much better way to see everything. www.samhofman.co.uk
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Wallpaper* Design Awards 2014

OKI NI It’s nice that Vol 2 ‘Isles’
We where commissioned to shoot this series for Oki Ni, last week.
We started looking at the Chinese Shan Shui paintings, They are painted from the artist’s imagination as a reflection of nature rather than from reality.  The paintings are often idyllic landscapes composed of mountains, water and clouds amongst other elements.
Inspired by these paintings, and the use of these natural elements, we created a series of surreal landscapes or environments for the Oki-ni products to sit within. 

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Set Design: Andrew Stellitano

Retouching: Stilletto 

John Lewis technology catalogue  back in september. 

Prop design: The Makerie Studio

set design: Zena Hendrick

Post Production: Stilletto

A new personal project inspired by the ancient art of Kintsugi. 

It is thought that the Japanese art of Kintsugi began in the early 15th century when shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent a damaged porcelain tea bowl back to China for repair. It returned having been restored with metal staples. Subsequently Japanese craftsmen began to seek new methods of repair which were aesthetically pleasing.

This craft of repairing broken ceramics with gold has since become a celebrated art form of its own, adding a narrative and aesthetic complexity to the pieces which have been mended. This series of images capture moments of abstraction and imperfection inspired by this art form.

Set design/art direction: Andrew Stellitano

Bit late on the blog, I was asked to shoot the back of book for Hunger magazine a couple of months back. We decided to play with the simple interactions of objects and product, creating a narrative in the simplest possible way.

Set design: Gemma Tickle

Post Production: Stilletto